There are six basic drill designs that we design.


Water Pumps


Accessories for diamond drilling.




Also casing jacks, rod clamps, and ball type rod pullers (monkeys).


Many of the machines we have built are still in service after 10 or 20 years of very hard usage worldwide.


We build wireline winches with capacities from 300 to 4000 feet.


We build pumping units, Diesel, Air, Gasoline and Hydraulic powered, 2 to 50


We are experienced at custom fabrication. We can figure out solutions to
problems using our design and hydraulic experience.


These charts have information that you cannot find anywhere else, about drill bit sizes, drill rod sizes, and constants that can be used to figure out drill bit and drill rod torque.


These companies are our authorized distributors.




Hydracore Drills Ltd. has been building core drilling equipment since 1975. Hydracore machines are the most portable machines available in any depth capacity in the world today, with depth capacities ranging from 100 to 4000 feet. Our designs are very original and are widely copied by other manufacturers. We manufacture all of our own drill heads. We have also designed our own hydraulic chuck, which works on a different mechanical principle than all other chucks on the market. We use this system because it is much better than the system everyone else uses.

Many of the machines we have built are still in service after 10 or 20 years of very hard usage worldwide. Most of the machines we make can keep up to the production rates of much larger more expensive machines while saving time on moves and mobilization costs. Replacement parts for all our machines are kept on hand for immediate shipment anywhere in the world.

Hydracore is owned by Fern Boisvenu who was in the contracting business for 30 years until selling that business in 2006. We remain closely associated with Atlas Drilling of Kamloops, British Columbia who test some of our new products. We completely understand the problems that drilling contractors have to overcome. In fact, many of our new designs are a result of discussions with contractors regarding problems or issues they encounter in the field.

Along with our drills, Hydracore manufactures many accessories for diamond drilling such as pumps, casing jacks, rod clamps, ball type rod pullers (monkeys), and winches. Many special one off drills or accessories have been built by combining parts of the six basic designs that we manufacture or with parts made by other manufacturers to build equipment to suit the customers' needs.

Hydracore is located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, only 10 miles from the Vancouver International Airport.

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