We Have Had a Very Busy Year

We have had a very busy year here at Hydracore. So far this year, we have built 23 machines. This is the first year where most of the machines we have sold are Hydracore 4000 machines with P chucks. Even though these machines are huge compared with other machines in our line up like the Gopher and Prospector, they are much smaller than other machines with similar power on the market. The total weight of a Hydracore 4000 Manportable version is only about 5000 lbs. but it has 210 HP, which is more than many drills that weigh twice as much.

For the first time we have built some underground machines with P chucks. A lot of this year’s production has been done for Expert Drilling, a company that is expanding aggressively in Chile. They have trusted us to supply them with most of their drills. They have found that our machines are much more versatile than machines from other manufacturers, as well as being simpler and more reliable. They have bought ten Hydracore 4000 drills since August of last year. Right now all of those machines are turning and producing core. Four of them have already been converted to underground drills. Not many other big surface machines can be converted to be used underground.

We haven’t really made anything new this year, we are just combining what we already have in some different ways. There have been some slight changes in hydraulic systems, aimed at reducing hydraulic problems. We have built some manifolds in order to simplify our hydraulic plumbing. These manifolds also fulfill another new requirement which I have decided, will from now on be a basic principle used on all Hydracore machines. This system is going to make our machines more reliable. It has taken years to come up with this conclusion, so I am going to keep it to myself. The only way you can get it is to buy a Hydracore machine.

Nigel Spaxman