Custom Fabrication for Van Mars Environmental Drilling

Here is a picture of a machine we built for Van Mars Environmental Drilling. This machine is to be used mainly for environmental drilling around Greater Vancouver. It will be used for augering and also down hole hammering of short holes to check for contamination of ground water. One difficulty was that this machine will sometimes need to be used in underground parking garages where the overhead clearance is only about seven feet. The drill has a 46 inch stroke in only an 81 inch length. This allows for the use of three foot augers. Normally a hydraulic cylinder with a 46 inch stroke would be at least 96 inches long. This machine is made in a very unusual and simple way to allow for the 46 inch stroke in only an 81 inch length. I have never seen this simple method used anywhere else. The feed frame stroke can be extended to a 64 inch stroke on jobsites where there is no height restriction. The drill head (hollow shaft drilling motor 37 cubic inch) is the most rugged type available and will probably never wear out. I have never seen a machine for this purpose as simple and tough as this.

Nigel Spaxman