Hydracore Drills has been the industry’s innovator since 1975.

Why Hydracore

Some facts that may impress you:

  • Located just outside of Vancouver, Canada we have been in continuous operations since 1975, this forty-plus years of refinement is why our drills are unmatched in reliability and performance.
  • We are the industry’s pioneer and innovator, we were here from the start, responsible for the multi-engine portable drill system and numerous other designs that are widely copied and are now industry standards.
  • Don’t mistake our constant quest for simplicity as a lack of sophistication: our team is world class and we utilize leading edge CAD, FEA and ERP software allowing us to design drilling solutions for every job. Many other smaller manufacturers use knock off heads, chucks and foot clamps. We use our own unique and superior designs.
  • Our machines are the most portable in any depth capacity in the world today, able to keep up with production rates of much larger more expensive machines. Many are still in use after 20 years of very hard usage.
  • Due to their portability, our machines result in a low environmental footprint and reduced costs. Drilling programs can be carried out in areas inaccessible to other machines.
  • We maintain a fortress balance sheet and carry no debt. We’ve seen many industry downcycles and know how to navigate through them.
  • We value our relationship with our customers more than money, we are very proud of the fact that we put our customers interests first. It is this attitude that has kept us successful for so long.

We are a unique company that offers not just a drill but a long-term partner dedicated to making it easier for you to drill.



Hydracore values simplicity because the other virtues we strive for all result from simplicity. Simplicity is very hard to achieve, but once achieved it appears obvious. From simplicity in our machine designs we achieve strength, lighter weights, reliability, lower maintenance costs, and higher power. There are other benefits to our simple designs that effect our ability to provide a very high level of service. Our machines are designed with many common parts across the entire range, and we stock every part you might need ready for immediate shipping anywhere in the world. Our company is small and simple as well. We are simple to do business with. Other companies and designers aren’t even trying to achieve this, so they will never get there.


Dependability comes from the simple structure of the company. There is just one office and shop location to deal with. When you call or email us you will have direct contact with the designer of the machine. The best possible advice is immediately available. We are located near to Vancouver International Airport, so we can quickly ship anywhere. Having been in the contracting business, we know that you need quick, reliable, dependable service. We still supply parts and support for machines we built in 1984.


We represent our product honestly. We don’t exaggerate our capabilities or our machine’s capabilities. We deal with our customers in a straightforward way. We have a very high reputation with our customers and with our competitors.


Hydracore employs highly skilled welders, mechanics, and engineers. Most of our staff have been with the company a long time. Once we find good workers we retain them.

Nigel Spaxman | CEO & Co-Owner

Nigel Spaxman | CEO & Co-Owner

Nigel started with the company in 1982. He has designed and developed most of Hydracore’s current range of machines using practical drilling experience and outside the box thinking. In 2016, he bought the company with partners Travis and Larry Donaldson. Nigel was responsible for the development of the original manportable machines with multiple engines that have been copied by many other companies.

Travis Donaldson | CFO & Co-Owner

Travis Donaldson | CFO & Co-Owner

Travis started as Co-owner in 2016, but was involved with the company accounting for about 10 years before that. He is now responsible for financial and organizational aspects of running the company.

Jeremy Lauzon | President

Jeremy Lauzon | President

Jeremy Lauzon is the President of Hydracore Drills and works with the team to manage engineering, new product development and shop management. Jeremy employs leading edge engineering and Finite Element Analysis software to give drillers what they need, simple yet robust equipment that will not let them down. Jeremy previously owned a custom machine building business that developed and built CNC equipment for the automotive industry. Jeremy moved to the drilling industry in 2014 and put his 15 years of experience into the development of industry leading Foundation Drill Top Drives, Tracked Drills, Man-portable drills, Heli-portable drills and Sonic Drills. Jeremy combines his training in facility management, design engineering and Finite Element Analysis with his energy, passion and experience to giving customers the exact solutions they are looking for.

Allyson MacDonald | Office Manager

Allyson MacDonald | Office Manager

Allyson started with Hydracore in 2011. She has a wide knowledge of Hydracore parts and customers. She is mainly responsible for keeping us organized, but also fills the roles of shipping clerk, and technical writer.

Jo Luong | Head Mechanic

Jo Luong | Head Mechanic

Joe is a very skilled multi-talented mechanic. He is dedicated to ensuring the high quality of Hydracore products, by always looking for ways to further improve the consistent assembly and fabrication results.


Hydracore Drills Ltd. started out as Wink International Drilling in 1975 doing contract drilling. In 1980, Fred Wink left the company and Truman Younie changed the name of the company to Hydracore Drills Ltd. Hydracore’s contracting activity then shifted towards working with the HydraWink, which was renamed the Hydracore 28, and we began manufacturing drills. Throughout the 1980’s, Hydracore built the Hydracore 28s that were sold by Longyear. In 1982, Nigel Spaxman began working for Hydracore, and in 1983 the first Gopher Drill was built. Then in 1984, the first underground version of the Gopher was built. Hydracore also continued drill contracting in Canada and Alaska during the 1980’s, using Hydracore 28 and Hydracore Gopher machines.

This pattern continued until 1994 when the company was purchased by Fern Boisvenu. Hydracore continued manufacturing small drills but the contracting side was now done by Fern’s drilling company (F Boisvenu Drilling). Several larger machines were built for F Boisvenu Drilling and these were the prototypes for the range of larger machines with hydraulic chucks that Hydracore still manufactures.

Starting in 1997, Manportable machines with triple engine power packs were designed and manufactured. The concept of using multiple engines on a core drill was first developed by Hydracore.

Since the late 1990’s, geologists have been demanding larger and larger core samples. To keep up with this demand larger and larger machines have been developed and built with more power and force to drill the bigger sizes. In 1999, the first Hydracore 2000 Drill was built, and in 2002 the first Hydracore 2000 Drill with a HQ hydraulic chuck (100 HP) was built. The first Hydracore 4000 Drill with a PQ chuck and 200 HP was built in 2005. In 2015, we built the first Hydracore 5000 Drill with 49,000 lbs. of pull back and 210 HP. Hydracore has also continued over the years to further develop and make our underground drills using components from our various surface drills.

In 2015, Fern Boisvenu passed away, and in January 2016 the company was purchased from his estate by Nigel Spaxman, and the Donaldson family. This was during a very slow period for drilling worldwide. Since that time business gradually picked up, and in 2017 some new key employees were hired. We are continuing to design new products and we are constantly improving our technology to provide the best product and service to our customers.

Since 1975 over 400 machines have been built. During that time, our goal has been to make simple quality machines. By striving to keep things simple we have largely achieved the result we wanted which is to make it easier to drill.