Our New Website

The most obvious thing that is new this month at Hydracore from the point of view of someone reading this is our fantastic new website. This site was created by my friend Mick of Micheal Gordon Design. Mick is one of my longtime friends who I met because of our common interest in old British motorcycles. Mick is an amazing artist. We were so busy for a few years we really couldn’t handle any more work so we didn’t bother with anything to do with advertising or our image. This website is a step to improve that situation.

I think that Mick has done an excellent job. One thing about this website is that it shows honestly who we are, what we do and have done, and what we can do. You will notice that there are actual pictures from job sites of different companies from all around the world. You can see a wide variety of machines that we made, not computer generated images of machines that are not yet built. We are a small company, but we have a big range of products. We have seven types of drill heads we supply from stock all of our own design. Now we even manufacture our own chuck. (Really our own chuck not a copy of someone elses). A lot of other small drill manufacturers buy the heads from outside suppliers. Chuck Blunt of Radius Drilling says that whenever he goes to a mining show like the PDA for example that pictures of our drills are the ones that are up in the booths that everyone is proud of. We are all over the place because our customers are all over the place. When there is a drill hanging off the side of a mountain, in a really photogenic location, often it is a Hydracore.

I have seen some websites recently which make amazing claims about accomplishments of companies that have really only just started and have not really achieved anything yet. I guess that is what they have to do. There wouldn’t be much use mentioning that the last machine they built tore it’s self apart the first time the rods got stuck. They need to try to pretend to have the kind of reputation and history that Hydracore really has. One of these companies doesn’t bother to mention that most of what they have made so far are poor copies of what we designed and that their new models are copies of other well known drills. They don’t even have the experience to know which drills to copy it seems.

During the last year we experienced a very sharp downturn in our business. We think things are starting to turn around and I am now expecting a rush to occur starting in January. Apparently Kluane Drilling and Energold have both taken off now. They are well known users of drills that are copies of our designs. I think this means we are going to take off now as well. I hope so.

We have had time during the last year to develop a very innovative new product. This product really shows how I can think outside the box. It is going to piss everyone off that they didn’t think of it first. Once you have seen it, it is so simple, as all the solutions are, once you know them. I thought of it in a flash last October while I was doing the dishes. It is a new hydraulic chuck. It will fit onto any machine we have made with an H size head, and also any machine that has the Longyear 3-7/8” auto chuck. That includes Longyear 38s, 44s, and LF 70s. Any of these machines can be very much improved by the installation of this chuck. This chuck operates by a different mechanical principle than all other chucks. Engineers seem to have missed that there is a big problem with the mechanics of all the chucks on the market right now. This different principle gives the chuck 50 percent more grip than the Longyear auto chuck, as well as a bigger opening range and some other very interesting advantages too. It also is unique in that it only requires one set of jaws to grab any size of drill rod from B to H. The idea behind it is so unusual that we are patenting it so that we will be able to sue anyone who copies this idea. It is a very simple idea that everyone else missed because they were too busy copying each other and they forgot to think of something new.

Nigel Spaxman