Custom Fabrication

Over the years, we have tackled many special jobs, in fact many of our popular drill models started out as special projects. If you have a project that requires innovation and simplicity with advanced design and fabrication ability, ask us for a quote.

Hydracore Bobcat Drill

We have built several small machines for augering connected to a small walk behind Bobcat. The larger Bobcat mounted machine shown below was for coring. It was built with the B head at first as shown, but later it was converted to an H head. Our hydraulic experience allowed us to connect our hydraulic system to the Bobcat system with very little modification to the Bobcat. Even the pressure pump ran off the hydraulic system on the Bobcat.


Hydracore Auger Drill

The auger drill shown below is used to do soil sampling. We have built three of them. It is a very tough little drill. During the first two years of use they have not managed to break anything on it. The drill was mounted on this little walk behind Bobcat, and it runs off the hydraulic system on the Bobcat. The drill could also be supplied as a stand-alone drill with its own powerpack. These machines are better than other augering machines, because this machine has a far stronger U joint and drive shaft. It also has about four times the pullback force, because we use a hydraulic cylinder instead of a chain feed. There are no chains to get loose or break. The U joint is held on by a one inch NF nut, instead of the 1/4″ NC bolt that others use.


Hydracore Limited Access Drill

This machine was built to fulfill a need for a machine to drill in the basements and underground parking garages of buildings around British Columbia. The drill needed to be similar to the augering drill above but also needed to be short enough to fit inside low clearance areas. A unique solution to shortening the feed system was devised that is also very simple. Later a special extra light version of this machine was developed using Hydracore’s stress analysis program. The lightweight version weighs only 260 lbs. for the feed frame without the head.

limited access drill

Hydracore Multi-Purpose/Sonic Drill

11-1/2 Foot Stroke Feed Frame

This feed frame was designed and built for a customer who needed a multi-purpose machine that could be flow into a site only accessible by helicopter. A Hydracore 2000 coring head, SPT hammer, Fraste top drive four speed head, and double foot clamp were installed. In 2017 (a year later) a Boart Mini Sonic head was also fitted, making this machine very versatile, but with helicopter loads all below 1900 lbs.

11 5 stroke feed frame

Powerpack for Tunnel Boring Machine

A contractor needed a powerpack for assembly of a large tunnel boring machine. The requirements were for a 250 Gallon tank, 50 GPM at 4500 psi, but only 50 HP. A basic Hi-Low hydraulic system was suggested to the customer and the power pack was quickly quoted, designed, built, and installed.