Hydracore 1000T Multi-purpose Track Drill

The Hydracore 1000T Multi-Purpose Track Drill is the newest addition to our heliportable product line.

Hydracore 1000T Multi-Purpose Track Drill

The Hydracore 1000T Multi-Purpose Track Drill is the newest addition to our heliportable product line. It offers 75HP of Core, RC, RAB and Auger drilling plus SPT on a helicopter portable tracked drill. Above all, this is the only machine in the world with all these capabilities in one package. This drill is made for sites where the access is very difficult, so it has been designed so that it can be dismantled into four modules all less than 1900 lbs., which can be flown into remote sites. Once at the site it can be driven around using the remote control over many different types of terrain, without causing excessive disturbance to the surface of the land.

The coring drill head is a simple top drive head with built in water swivel. A hydraulic motor directly drives the spindle. Different hydraulic motors can be installed on the head to give different torques and speeds to suit different ground conditions. The head is hinge mounted and held closed by a quick action cam lock lever. There is also a second head used for RC drilling, which has an internal drive chain and hollow spindle with built in air swivel.

Specifications for 75 HP version

Maximum Coring Capacity

B Size1,960 ft (600 m)
N Size1,475 ft (450 m)
H Size1,150 ft (350 m)

Coring Drill Head

Various hydraulic motors for different speeds and torques are available.

Motor DisplacementRPMTorque
5 cubic inch1,500160 ft-lbs
7 cubic inch1,200250 ft-lbs
9 cubic inch1,000300 ft-lbs
19 cubic inch450630 ft-lbs
25 cubic inch300800 ft-lbs
TypeTop Drive
WaterswivelBelow Head
CapacityA to H
Maximum Rod Size4 1/2"

RC/RAB Drilling Depth

3.5 inches (89mm)330 feet (100 m)
4.5 inches (114mm)

RC/RAB Drill Head

Speed (RPM)0-120
Torque1,500 ft-lbs.
Side Inlet SwivelAbove Head

Auger Drilling Depth

4.5 inches (114mm)75feet (23 m)

Auger Drill Head

Speed (RPM)0-120
Torque1,500 ft-lbs.

Rig Features

Geotechnical TestingMARL SPT
ControlsDirect Acting Hydraulic, Remote Drive & Recovery Winch
Max. Casing Length5 feet
Drilling AngleVertical to 30 degrees
Heaviest Component Fly Weight1950 lbs.
Number of Lifts to Fly4
Ascent Roll Angle40 degrees
Side Hill Roll Angle45 degrees
Track DriveEaton 2 speed
Ground Pressure3.2 psi
Dimensions LxWxH
(drive mode)
120” x 60” x 82”
(3m x 1.5m x 2m)

Feed Frame

Maximum Pull17,000 lbs
Maximum Thrust14,450 lbs

Foot Clamp

TypeDouble Clamp with Rod Break
OperationDouble Acting Hydraulic
Axial Thrust17,000 lbs
No. of Jaws2
Maximum Rod Size4 1/2"


EngineHatz 4H50TIC 75HP Tier 4
Main PumpsLoad Sensing 71cc
Auxiliary PumpPressure Compensated 17cc
Auxiliary PumpGear Pump 17cc
CoolingAir to oil heat exchanger