Hydracore 2000

The Hydracore 2000 is one of the most versatile machines for core drilling

Hydracore 2000

The Hydracore 2000 is one of the most versatile machines for core drilling. It can be flown into sites by helicopter, or skid mounted. The Hydracore 2000 can drill faster than many machines double its weight and cost. It is ideal for drilling N size holes to about 1,300 m, but it can also drill H size to 825 m or B size to 1,750 m. The standard head for this drill is H size, but it can also be built with the P size drill head from the Hydracore 4000 Drill. This drill is available with a variety of engines. Currently, we think the 137 HP Isuzu is the best engine available for this drill, but we also offer the drill with some lighter engines.

Specifications for 130 HP version

Maximum Capacity

B Size5,700 ft (1,750 m)
N Size4,250 ft (1,300 m)
H Size2,700 ft (825 m)

Drill Head

H size hydraulic chuck. Belt drive with 2.77:1 ratio.

Motor DisplacementRPMTorque
Maximum5221,254 ft-lbs
Minimum1,500428 ft-lbs

* Speed/Torque is continuously variable between maximum and minimum values.  More torque is available in reverse for rod breaking (1790 ft-lbs.) because the reverse pressure is set at  5,000 psi and the maximum pressure in forward is only 3,500 psi.

Hydraulic Chuck (Hydracore Link Chuck)

OperationSpring closed, Hydraulic opened
Axial Thrust30,000 lbs
CapacityB to H
No. of Jaws3
Maximum Rod Size3 1/2"

Foot Clamp

OperationAccumulator closed, Hydraulic opened
Axial Thrust25,000 lbs
CapacityB to P
No. of Jaws2
Maximum Rod Size4 1/2"

Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder

Maximum Pull24,000 lbs
Maximum Thrust16,000 lbs


EngineJohn Deere 115 HP,
or Isuzu 137 HP or 130 HP,
or Deutz 96 HP
Main Pump60 GPM, 3,000 psi
Auxiliary Pump20 GPM, 2,500 psi
Auxiliary Pump10 GPM, 2,500 psi
Pressure Pump3 GPM, 5,000 psi
Hydraulic Tank12.5 Gallons (US)
CoolingWater cooled heat exchanger


20 GPM 1,000 psi Water Pump Hydraulic (IB 1029 Admiral)
45 GPM 1,000 psi Water Pump Hydraulic (Cat 3545)
Wireline Hoist 2,000 ft Capacity
Wireline Hoist 3,000 ft Capacity
Hydraulic Mud Mixer


Drill Head, steel version (with chuck)580 lbs
Hydraulic Chuck (not including opening cylinder and yoke) 106 lbs
Foot Clamp90 lbs
Drill Slide & Feed Cylinder550 lbs
Hydraulic Module880 lbs
John Deere Engine Module1,250 lbs
Isuzu Engine Module1,150 lbs
Deutz Engine Module1,050 lbs
Drill on Skid with Clamp Back Legs, and Winch1,100 lbs

* These are the weights for helicopter moves