Hydracore 5000S Multi-Purpose Sonic

The Hydracore 5000S Multi-Purpose Sonic is both compact and powerful

Hydracore 5000S Multi-Purpose Sonic

The Hydracore 5000S Multi-Purpose Sonic is both compact and powerful. It is easily broken down into sub 2000 lb. components that can be moved by helicopter.  The drill comes standard with a 70Hz Boart Longyear LS250 Sonic drill head.  The jib crane and Hydracore Quick Change Head System allow the Sonic head to be interchanged with a Hydracore P or H coring head.  We offer head adapters to suit most manufacturers products if you want to do more than coring or sonic.  Rod holding, and breakout is managed by a Fraste 2-3/8 inch-11 inch double breakout clamp.  To aid in geo-technical projects we have fitted an industry leading MARL SPT system.  Typical breakdown/setup time is 30 minutes. Head changes can be in achieved in 15 minutes, this is ideal for projects where both sonic and core drilling are utilized on one hole.

Specifications for 203 HP version

Maximum Coring Capacity

B Size4,920 feet (1,500 m)
N Size3,770 feet (1,150 m)
H Size2,300 feet (700 m)
P Size980 feet (300 m)

Sonic Capacity

4 3/4" Casing250 feet (80 m)
6" Casing200 feet (60 m)

Coring Drill Head (Hydracore P size, 250cc)

Motor DisplacementRPMTorque
Maximum6001,700 ft-lbs
Minimum1,400560 ft-lbs
Reverse502,828 ft-lbs

Sonic Head (Boart Longyear LS250)

Output Force at 75 Hz41,000 lbs

Hydraulic Chuck on Hydracore Coring Head

Chuck TypeAcker Hydraulic, modified
Axial Thrust50,000 lbs
CapacityB to P
No. of Jaws5
Maximum Rod Size4 1/2"

Foot Clamp (Fraste 2 3/8″ – 11″ Double Breakout Clamp)

OperationHydraulic, open and close
Clamping Force31,000 lbs
Breakout Torque28,000 ft-lbs

Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder

Type3 1/4" bore with 2 1/4" rod
Maximum Pull20,000 lbs
Maximum Thrust8,000 lbs


EngineIsuzu 4HK1 203 HP
Main PumpSauer Piston 147cc (77 GPM)
Auxiliary PumpSauer Piston 45cc (23 GPM)
Hydraulic Tank34 Gallons (US)
CoolingAir to oil heat exchanger


35 GPM 1,000 psi Hydraulic Water Pump
45 GPM 1,000 psi Hydraulic Water Pump
Wireline Hoist 5,000 ft capacity with level winder
Hydraulic Mud Mixer


Coring Head (including chuck)850 lbs
Boart Sonic Head1,650 lbs
Foot Clamp400 lbs
Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder1,600 lbs
Engine Module (Isuzu) wet1,600 lbs
Winch300 lbs