Hydracore Gopher Manportable

The Hydracore Gopher Manportable was the original manportable drill

Hydracore Gopher Manportable

The Hydracore Gopher Manportable was invented by Nigel Spaxman in 1997. This is the first manportable drill ever made to employ multiple engines with combined hydraulics. This design allows for high total HP that can be quickly broken down into loads no heavier than 350 lbs. It can drill quickly and reliably to depths that were once only possible with big truck mounted or skid mounted drills. These drills can be moved into very isolated places by manpower alone, making it possible to drill in places that would otherwise be inaccessible, and with minimal impact on the environment.

Specifications for 90 HP version

Maximum Capacity

A Size3,440 ft (1050 m)
B Size2,620 ft (800 m)
N Size1,640 ft (500 m)
H Size980 ft (300 m)

Drill Head

Top drive with built-in waterswivel. Various hydraulic motors for different speeds and torques are available.

Motor DisplacementRPMTorque
5 cubic inch1,500160 ft-lbs
7 cubic inch1,200250 ft-lbs
9 cubic inch1,000300 ft-lbs
19 cubic inch450630 ft-lbs
25 cubic inch300800 ft-lbs

Foot Clamp

OperationHydraulic closed, Hydraulic opened
Axial Thrust12,000 lbs
CapacityB to P
No. of Jaws2
Maximum Rod Size4 1/2"

Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder

Maximum Pull12,000 lbs
Maximum Thrust8,000 lbs


Engines (3)Kubota 3 cylinder turbo diesel, 30 HP at 3000 rpm
Main Pumps (3)15 GPM at 2500 psi
Feed Pump1 GPM at 2500 psi
Hydraulic Tank8.5 Gallons (US)
CoolingWater cooled heat exchanger


20 GPM 1,000 psi Water Pump Hydraulic (General T81)
36 GPM 1,000 psi Water Pump Hydraulic (Emperor KF40)
Wireline Hoist 2,000 ft Capacity
Wireline Hoist 3,000 ft Capacity
Hydraulic Mud Mixer


Drill Head124 lbs
Foot Clamp76 lbs
Drill Feed Frame373 lbs
Drill Skid67 lbs
Hydraulic Module (wet)350 lbs
Engine Units (3) (wet)340 lbs each
Wireline Hoist 2000 ft150 lbs
Water Pump 20 GPM106 lbs
Mud Mixer35 lbs
Batteries37 lbs each
Sheave Assembly50 lbs each