Hydracore Prospector

The prospector is the smallest machine in our standard product line.

Hydracore Prospector

The prospector is the smallest machine in our standard product line. It can be made with a gasoline or diesel engine of 30 or 40 HP. Prospectors are very good machines for drilling short A or B size holes, but they can also be used for very short N size holes. These machines are light weight but rugged, and come with the same head as our larger Hydracore Gopher Drill.

Specifications for 40 HP version

Maximum Capacity

A Size1,640 feet (500 m)
B Size980 feet (300 m)
N Size325 ft (100 m)

Drill Head

Top drive with built-in waterswivel. Various hydraulic motors for different speeds and torques are available.

Motor DisplacementRPMTorque
2.5 cubic inch1,70080 ft-lbs
3.5 cubic inch1,200112 ft-lbs
5 cubic inch850160 ft-lbs
8 cubic inch500250 ft-lbs

Foot Clamp

OperationHydraulic closed, Hydraulic opened
Axial Thrust12,000 lbs
CapacityA to N
No. of Jaws2
Maximum Rod Size3 1/2"

Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder

Maximum Pull8,000 lbs
Maximum Thrust6,000 lbs


EngineKubota 3 cylinder 30 HP turbo diesel,
or Kubota 4-cylinder 40 HP turbo diesel,
or Kohler V-twin 40 HP gas engine
Main Pump15 GPM at 2500 psi
Auxiliary Pump5 GPM at 2500 psi
Feed Pump2 GPM at 2500 psi
Hydraulic Tank8.5 Gallons (US)
CoolingWater cooled heat exchanger


20 GPM 1000 psi Water Pump Hydraulic
10 GPM 1000 psi Water Pump Hydraulic
Wireline Hoist 900 ft Capacity
Wireline Hoist 300 ft Capacity
Hydraulic Mud Mixer


Drill Head124 lbs
Foot Clamp56 lbs
Drill Slide & Feed Cylinder100 lbs
Hydraulic Module Wet278 lbs
Engine Unit (Kubota 40HP) Wet340 lbs
Wireline Hoist 900 ft70 lbs
Water Pump 20 GPM106 lbs
Batteries37 lbs
Sheave Assembly50 lbs