In core drilling, there is nothing more important than water
being pumped down the hole


Hydracore makes pumps from 3 to 45 GPM. We use General, Admiral, Cat and FMC Bean brand pumps.

Pressure Pumps

We make hydraulic driven pumps to be used as pressure pumps. Most of the drills we manufacture use a hydraulic driven pressure pump. We also make pressure pumps with electric, air, diesel or gasoline engines. Our hydraulic driven pumps look the same as other ones, but we use some design principles that save trouble in the long run. We connect the pump and motor with a flexible shaft coupling, so that there is never any wear on the shaft keys. We also connect the motor and pump together with a bell housing. This ensures perfect shaft alignment and removes all the torque loads from the pump frame by directing all the forces through the bell housing.

Supply Pumps

We make supply pumps either diesel or gasoline driven. The most popular supply pump we make is the 24 GPM 10 HP pump. These pumps are driven by a diesel engine, usually either Kubota or Lombardini. These pumps are much lighter than pumps from other manufacturers, which is very important for sites where the pump will be moved by helicopter or men. The pumps look ordinary, but there is a lot more to them if you look closely. We have some features that are very worthwhile that no one else offers. These pumps have rubber isolators between the vibrating engine and the pump frame, thus almost no vibration is transmitted to the pump frame, belt guard or tank. This makes it possible to use a lighter frame and still have no problems with cracking even after years of use. The engine and pump are mounted on a CNC machined plate which ensures that the pulley alignment is always perfect. We use Gates Poly Chain belts and sprockets. They provide the lowest maintenance type of drive available, as no adjustment or lubrication is normally required. Even the typical 6:1 gear box needs more maintenance and is less reliable than these belts. The belts last a very long time provided alignment is perfect, and with the system we use it always is. With these belts, we can also offer three different ratios by changing sprockets. That way these pumps can be made so they are suitable for any job.